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Use of Green Screens for VFX and Special Effects in Films

While watching the BTS (behind-the-scenes) of films and popular TV shows, you often see some green and blue screens. You might wonder what these green screens are installed for. If you check out the BTS of any film, green screens are ought to be there.

In fact, if you even check out the before and after of CGI, there will be green screens. All the films and famous TV shows which you watch have green screens. It is because that acts as the canvas which VFX artists need to edit. Let us help you understand that.

How VFX is used in place of a green screen?

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Let’s suppose you want to show a car is going at a very fast speed with some action scenes happening. Now the actors sitting in the car do definitely not stunt people. So a car is placed in frames of a green screen.

The actors behave as if something adventurous is happening. Later, in the post-production, the green screen is replaced with the desired footage. This was a much simplified example of how VFX manipulates a shot.

Bomb blasts, galaxies, the universe, spaceships, people flying, magic, impossible stunts, vampires, werewolves, animals and everything else is done with the help of VFX.

Chroma Keying in VFX

The technique of using visual effects to replace the green color is known as chroma keying. With chroma keying, VFX artists are able to completely change a scene. Transformers is a very good example of understanding the same. You need to choose a top vfx institute in kolkata to understand how to chroma-key well. It shall help you get a grip over the skill. Visual effects is used in every single film and show we watch. Whether it is a Netflix hit show or a Hindi soap opera; there will be a whole team of VFX artists dedicated to it.

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You can also become a VFX artist after completing VFX training in Kolkata. There are hundreds of production studios in India where these artists are required. In fact, most international studios also send their films and projects to Indian studio for VFX final editing. Here are some very famous Hollywood films whose VFX was done by Indians:

  • Interstellar
  • James Bond
  • Avatar
  • Life of Pi
  • The Darkest Hour
  • Terminator 4
  • Ironman
  • Indiana Jones
  • Spiderman 3
  • Into the blue
  • Ghostrider
  • XXX 2 and many more.

As mentioned before, VFX is an integral part of the film’s post production. Remember the iconic train scene from Kick where Salman Khan steps in front of the train! That was just the actor standing in front of a green backdrop. Fan, Krrish, Baahubali, Chennai Express are some other famous films which have outdone themselves with the stunning visual effects work.

If it comes to TV shows then Baalveer, Naagin, Thapki Pyaar Ki, Beyadh and other mythological shows have created a benchmark in good VFX work.

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Hopefully, this article helped you understand the use of VFX and special effects in films and shows quite well. If you are also interested in being a VFX artist then there are a lot of opportunities available for you. Join a good course and there will be limitless opportunities available at your bay.

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