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Courses you can pursue after 12th

Have you just completed your 12th standard and wondering what to do with life next? Are you wondering which course to take next? Well, worry no more because there are a bunch of different options which you can pursue for enhancing your career after class 12.

Here are a couple of courses which one can pursue after finishing their 12th standard.


2D & 3D Animation

The animation is one of fastest growing industries in India. It is a magnanimous industry with millions of new job opportunities. Animators are among the highest recruited individuals in India. There are all kinds of different production studios which are creating animated content for films, shows, ads and etc. You need to finish an animation course in Kolkata and then you shall be able to get your dream job.


Graphic Designing

Source: Google
Source: Google

Graphics designers are professionals who design advertisement banners, marketing posts and all the different kinds of visual images. Since we live in the 21st century where everything is under the influence of visual art, there are more than enough opportunities for aspiring designers.

After Graphics Designing Course you can join Marketing, advertisements, production, e-commerce, e-learning and freelancing which are some of the most in-demand industries where designers are recruited heavily.



Visual Effects are the use of artificial imagery used to manipulate scenes in any film. Anything which is impossible to be shot with naked camera lens is edited using VFX. VFX courses are built to teach students how to become professional visual effects artists.

After finishing your course period you would be able to work in top production companies across the nation.

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Good Luck!

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