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Use of Green Screens for VFX and Special Effects in Films

While watching the BTS (behind-the-scenes) of films and popular TV shows, you often see some green and blue screens. You might wonder what these green

Courses you can pursue after 12th

Have you just completed your 12th standard and wondering what to do with life next? Are you wondering which course to take next? Well, worry

5 Movies with Their Great VFX Effects made by Indian Production House

Indian production studios have outdone themselves quite a large number of times. You would be shocked to know that the Indian production studios are involved

Advantages of pursing Diploma in VFX technology in India

Visual effects is the art of inserting unreal shots in videos and films. Anything which cannot be shot with a bare lens is then edited

Three films we are rooting for to win the best VFX in Oscars

The 91st Academy Awards are just two months away and people are already shortlisting the movies in their minds. Why just keep them stacked, let

12 years of Red Chillies Entertainment’s VFX

Recently red Chillies Entertainment released a video on YouTube which celebrated the VFX it had used over the decade and more in their films. The

Top 5 VFX Movies with the best Special Effects

Visual effects are making a breakthrough which is not possible to be mapped by any graph. Over the last two years, the VFX industry has