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How to Choose the Font Style for Your Designs?

The lifelong dilemma for any designer is placing the right fonts and making the clients appreciate it. Fonts play a huge role in making or breaking the design and its look. Think of the last advertisement or poster you saw. Now, if the font had been altered somehow, wouldn’t it have looked displeasing? You might also believe that a different font may have personified the design to a greater extent.

These are all things which come into play when you take the font placement seriously. Not every kind of font is going to match the aesthetic of your message. Let’s try and understand how you can do your part in making a design appeasing using the right style of fonts.

How to think of the right font style?

There are a lot of technical things already taught to students while they are pursuing their graphic designer courses. In addition to them, there are a lot of ways to remember the very rooted things which are a must-know to everyone.

graphic designer

In order to prepare the design with the right font, you must know how to incorporate any and all kinds of fonts within any post or design. Whether the fonts are from Photoshop, Illustrator or taken from Google. Your skills should include the variety which any trained designer must-have. In that way, you will never run out of good ideas.

  • Place the font as the last step

Once you are done with the design and layers, and then ponder over the fonts. You will have to do a lot of trials and errors over the font style and see whether it matches the design’s idea or not. Therefore, save this task for the last of your design agenda. Choosing a font style based on the design is easy but vice versa would be extremely time-consuming.

  • Look for similar posts for inspiration

Plagiarism is a crime if you copy a similar design, it does not apply to the font style. You can look at designs which claim to provide the same service/message/data or information. Look at their font style and decipher whether it is good for your design’s overall look or not.

  • Ask for opinion from your colleagues

Teamwork has the capability to bring out the best from any professional. When in a dilemma, ask your colleagues for their unbiased opinion. In that way, you would be able to get an unadulterated opinion on your designs.

opinion from your colleagues

Try and ask people who are not graphic designers. After all, they might be your target audiences. Their opinion might tell you a lot about the places where you can improve.

Can Font styling be perfected over time?

Knowing which font goes where is like a muscle reflex for designers. They get the hang of it over time. Over time, you would be able to place the correct font with the appropriate design and target audience.


Also, try and follow the color wheel. The color wheel makes you understand how the colors within a design should go along. Now the font color and design have a tremendous connection whether you believe it or not. Think of the most famous logo ever and imagine if it had a different color with the same font style. Exactly!

Font styling is no sorcery. It is nothing more than a skill which designers can perfect over time with dedicated practice and willpower.

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