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5 Movies with Their Great VFX Effects made by Indian Production House

Indian production studios have outdone themselves quite a large number of times. You would be shocked to know that the Indian production studios are involved in some of the biggest Hollywood projects across the globe. They are involved in making the largest productions globally. Here are five films which prove that Indian production studios are the ‘hub’ VFX.


Baahubali franchise is the highest grossing Indian film ever. It broke all the Bollywood box-office records with its sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion. It goes without saying that one of the most noticeable factors of this film franchise was its incredible visual effects. The VFX of this film knows no boundaries.

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In fact, students learn about its CGI while studying VFX training in Kolkata. It is quite commendable that an Indian film and that too, a regional film was able to pull such a massive audience to the theaters and was able to get its VFX level so peak high.


The legendary billion dollar film ‘Avatar’ was brought to life by Indian VFX artists and Indian production studios. James Cameron’s Avatar is considered one of the best VFX works of this century. It goes without saying that Indian talent was put on the map at a whole different level after this success.

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The film’s VFX shots were done in India by talented artists here. I was only later on that people realized the fact that it was not really a Hollywood’s post production effort which made the film as popular as it is today.

The top VFX institutes in Kolkata and all across India use this film as an example to showcase the potential of India’s artistic manpower.


Another box office blockbuster, Interstellar was edited by Indian VFX production studios. One of the reasons why Hollywood films decide to get their VFX done from Indian movies is because of the fact that here is cheap labor and immense amount of potential talent to be savored here.

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You will also find that the three dimensional and meticulous editing of Interstellar is something which no one can comprehend.

#Star Wars

Star Wars have a lot of films in their franchises. Not all of them were edited for their visual effects in India but a lot of them were. The CGI conversion and 3D graphics for a lot of the trilogy movies were done by Indian studios only The fact that, Indian production studios are able to reach such great heights and make such an everlasting impact says a lot for the fact that how great our nation’s VFX artists really are.

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The popular James Bond’s Skyfall was the creation of Indian VFX production studios again. This movie was an international blockbuster and kept the box office bells ringing in America. It was quite fantastic to see how much reach and influence Indians have over the popular international content. Whenever we look at action packed American films, we never think that Indian VFX artists might have had something to do with that. Well, that perspective needs to be changed drastically.

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