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What Are The 4 Types Of Animation?

Animation, as a skill has been around for over a century but has gained the most popularity in the past decade. Animation jobs have risen to a whole extreme level creating a magnanimous rise in the industrial sphere.

The animation is one of the most omnipresent industries in media and entertainment. You would find that almost every sector of media uses some amount of animation. There are four major types of animation taught in animation courses in Kolkata. These four types are the most commonly used in television, films and advertisements.

Whether you are a student studying at an animation institute in Kolkata or an amateur, this article would help you get some good grip over the subject.

Let’s begin!

1. 3D Animation

The most popular and profiting is 3 dimensional animations. 3D Animation is no longer a thing of the future. It is the present and the most dominating present. All animated films are released with 3D in maximum screens.

3d animation

Not just animated but even superhero and action films are released in 3D for maximum ticket sales. 3D animation courses in Kolkata have a great scope in terms of career prospects too. 3D animators are among the most popular professionals in this industry.

2. Stop Motion Animation

The best example to understand stop motion animation would be to recall some of the favorite cartoons shows we used to watch as kids. ‘Thomas and his friends’ is one of those shows which have gained so much popularity for its innovative stop motion approach. Another new-age cartoon show doing that is ‘Shaun: The Sheep’. You do need to understand that stop motion animation is largely popular with advertisements as well.

stop-motion animation

3. Traditional Animation (2D)

This is the most commonly used animation for traditional media and hence the name, traditional animation. 2D animation is only suitable for flat screens. However, all animated films are initially made into 2D before getting converted into 3D. 2D still stands o be the most commonly used technique in the field of animation worldwide. Most cartoons and animated shows on Netflix are made with 2D techniques only.

traditional animation

4. Flipbook Animation

Flipbook is a traditional method about which you would only learn at an animation institute in Kolkata. It is not used professionally very much. However, some entertainment platforms do use it to showcase certain projects from time to time. It is an innovative skill where people draw on a notebook showing sequential art. However, it can be digitized using various tools and software skills.


We hope, knowing about these forms of animation helped you learn a little bit about them more.

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