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Which Institute Provide 3D Animation Course After 12th?

George Animatrix is one of the best institutes which provide great training in 3D animation. 3D Animation is one of the most successful career options that one can possibly have. Due to its omnipresent nature and high industrial value, you would find that 3D animators are very much in demand.

These are professionals who get to work in films, cartoons, TV shows, advertisement, freelancing, digital platforms, marketing, e-commerce and etc.

2d animation course

There are so many limitless opportunities for these animators that you cannot simply pinpoint on anything specific. The huge scope is identified by George Animatrix. This college understands how much potential worthy this field actually is. It also stresses upon the fact that you have to gain a lot of practice and industrial practice also make you aware of in which industries you can get job as 3d animator.

The staff and faculty in this institute are trained to the maximum capacity. Some of them even have real life experience of working in studios. Hence, you get to learn from actual artists and professionals.


You can join this college after 12th standard. No other qualification is required for getting admission. This is undoubtedly the best animation institute in Kolkata. The amount of scope and talent that this college offers knows no bounds. You shall find that there would be an abundance of opportunities for you in the professional tier once the training course is over.

This institute also provides 100% placement assistance to all the students who have completed a course in this field.

If you are even slightly interested in pursuing 3D animation courses in Kolkata, then George Animatrix is your best pick. This institute would help you develop all the core key skills and help you become an excellent animator as well.

2d animation course in kolkata

3D animation degree is worth gold in terms of the employment vacancies if you know where to study from. Animatrix happens to be the most suited pick for that.

If you have other queries like admission, fees, syllabus, placements or anything else then feel free to reach out to us. We shall be more than happy to help you out.

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