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In Which Industries You Can Get A Job As A 3D Animator?

3D Animation

3D animators are professionals who handle the elements of animation in three dimensional plain with craft and artistic capacity. 3D animators are the pioneering heads of animation and visual media. Securing a 3D animation job in Kolkata is no big deal. It is a very popular genre of employment in the city of art and entertainment. But you might wonder about the various industries where people seek jobs once they are done with their 3D animation training.

In this article, we will be telling you about the various industries where one can find a job after the completion of their 3D animation course in Kolkata from a reputed institute.

Production house/ studio

Studios which take over production work are the most heavily recruiting place in Kolkata. Studios curate work for films, TV shows, web series, cartoon channels, news channels and etc. they are the most vibrant place for a 3D animator to be. The demand for entertainment content is axiomatic in all the above-mentioned sectors. Therefore, the industry of production is beaming so high. It is the hub of job vacancies for students.

If you are an enthusiast of working in any big production studio then choose an institute which has an in-house studio of its own. Click here to find one! Here you will not only get to observe and learn from professionals but get direct placement after the completion of your training duration.

E-Learning and E-Commerce

Although both of these are separate and individual fields of their own, the reason we have put them under the same category is because of the type of work. Both the industries inculcate animation work associated on web and online platforms. With E-Learning, animators are required to curate content for educational purposes. They have to create chapters, modules, educational training videos and etc for information purposes.

In the case of e-commerce, the focus is on creating content subjected to websites and product selling sites. They also require a lot of animated material in order to promote their stuff.  Both these industries have gained girth as a result of the increasing demand for online material both in case of education and shopping. These are no longer obsolete concepts. They are very high-end industries with a magnanimous scope of their own.

Animation colleges/ institutes

Teaching is a profession people swear by. As 3D animators, you can definitely work in animation colleges and institutes are faculty members. Teaching is by far one of the most sought after jobs in India. And if you have experience of working in production then this would add as a benefit for your resume.

Institutes imparting knowledge in animation are always in search of faculty members who can guide and teach their students this craft. Teaching is one of those professions which can never go out of business. In fact, every profession associated with animation is recession-proof. No matter how the economy goes or what the market status is; these professions would always be in demand.

Cartoons and movies

Cartoons and animated films have a whole business venture of their own. They are very high in scope these days. Animation shows have crossed just the film and cartoon show barrier and entered the realm of young adult franchise. Platforms like Netflix, Prime, and many others are creating so many individualistic shows which are animated.

This out wide reach for animation has created millions and millions of jobs for a 3D animator.

Hence, you need to understand that with a degree or certification in 3D animation from a good institute, you can never run out of prospects and job opportunities.

Good Luck!

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