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UI Animation Trends to Watch in 2022

The need for edgier, more distinctive interfaces has increased more than ever in recent years, and this has led to UI designers dramatically upping their animation game. There has never been a more exciting time to push the limits of motion in user interface design, from experimenting with colour schemes to lifelike 3D animations.

Here is a list of all the innovative new UI animation trends that will rule the world’s digital interfaces in 2022 to get you up to speed with what’s trending.

3D motion pictures

The use of 3D graphics in user interfaces has increased dramatically in recent years. While producing a 3D animations course takes a lot more effort, expertise, and teamwork than producing conventional animated effects, the advantages are indisputable. A considerably more engaging and interactive user experience may be achieved using 3D animations since they are infinitely more realistic than 2D images. They not only showcase a vibrant and distinctive brand identity while also enhancing the quality of your website or app by becoming more photorealistic. Additionally, they enable visitors to better understand the breadth and depth of products on e-commerce websites.

Floating effects

Although hover effects are a UI in an animation course technique mainstay, their increasing popularity warrants a place on our list. Hover effects are animated effects that appear when a user interface element, such as a button or piece of text, is hovered over. The options are endless with hover effects; perhaps hovering over a phrase causes it to change colour, or over a button causes it to move up and down, or even over a menu item changes the theme of the entire website. This addictive feature transforms using the website into a fun game, and it’s a great method to guarantee an excellent user experience with little work.

UI Animation


A transition-based animation method called morphing allows for the seamless blending of several forms or pictures. This captivating transformation, which is frequently employed as a background effect, tends to entice people into staying on the page for longer—both because they’re entranced by the flow of imagery and because they’re anxiously anticipating what the picture or shape will become. It’s a quick and easy approach to give the page a more creative touch, and it also extends the duration of the session.

Animations that resemble humans

Anthropomorphism is the practice of giving human characteristics to non-human entities (i.e., objects, plants, and animals). Because we link positive interactions with predictable behaviours as humans, we are compelled to gravitate toward things that behave similarly to humans. The last several years have witnessed a rapid increase in animations that imitate human movements as designers have realised this. A small icon bobbing up and down out of boredom after some inactivity or a character brushing hair out of its eyes are examples of subtle anthropomorphic animation. Subtlety is the key to this style of animation. Despite being minimal, the effect heightens immersion and unconsciously relaxes the user.


Our list of UI animation trends for 2022 is complete! Hopefully some of these will seem familiar to you from your favourite websites and applications, and you’ll be motivated to start incorporating them into your own user interfaces in the future. Check out our most recent George Animatrix blogs if you’re interested in learning more for VFX course and animation courses about these patterns.


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