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4 Animated Movies You Need To Binge-Watch This Christmas

It is officially Christmas decoration time! The winter chills are in the air and we are starting to feel the cold vibes already. The festivity is around the corner and we need to get ready with our list of Christmas movies. Are you having trouble finding what to watch this year? Let us help you out with this awesome festive list of animated films. And just a little heads up, watching all these four animated films might make you want to sign up for 3D Animation courses in Kolkata too! Well, after all, who doesn’t like creating their imagination?

let’s get started with the list of animated movies…

  • The Grinch

The Grinch is one of the latest releases this year. But many would say why to watch a film about Grinch on Christmas Eve. Guys, this film is far away from the old stereotypical plot. There is an interesting twist of events which will make you want to love the film and the story especially. Not just that, the quality of animation has been done justice with. There is no room for any complaint there. In case you missed this in theatres, you have the chance to binge it in these holidays.

  • Coco

Based on the Native Mexican tale, coco is a legendary story about a boy who is lost in another world. Watch his journey with awesome animated graphics and top class animation. Coco has won several awards and accolades for its tremendous work. This folktale will take you back to the memories of your childhood. This is the perfect thing to watch on a holiday cozy up among your loved ones. The film has passion, fun, comedy, bravery and every other emotion we love to watch on holidays. Time to put it up on your list now.

  • Ralphs breaks the internet

The movie has indeed broken the internet with its trailer and its release. Not just that, it features the famous YouTube personality Miranda Sings and that got it even more views and tickets. All the YouTube fans ran out of their way to watch this one. You will not be disappointed at all. Make it a point to add this to the long list of must-watch Christmas calendar. The first part of this was a big hit and you bet this one is too. With its release animation, fans all across the globe started trembling. I hope that was enough to convince you.

  • Smallfoot

What is a winter holiday like Christmas without a snow age movie? Smallfoot, right after its release revolutionized the community of animation and VFX courses. People went crazy after the incredible amalgamation of color correction and stunning animation techniques. It had an upgrade considering all the other snow-themed films never touched this mark. The best reason to put it on your Christmas list is that it is one of those movies which are loved by people of all age groups. You can watch it alone or with the whole family; will be equally enjoyable.

Now that you have got the entire binge-watching guide to yourself, get started. Don’t let the cold dull the shine of the holiday. Enjoy to the fullest and have tons of fun. And if you find anything else to add to the list then go ahead and binge that too.

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