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Become a YouTube Animator Now!

These days being a YouTuber is all the craze and if you are even a tad bit tech savvy, you will know how big of an influence these YouTubers are. Whether they are beauty vloggers, or tech gurus, or even just comedic ones, one thing they all have in common is their fan following. One similar type of YouTubers are the animators. That’s right. Now you don’t have to only depend on jobs available in the market, if you are talented and capable, the internet is already your market. So, let us see how you can get started on YouTube as an animator.


Give it a Shot

Perhaps one big reason behind the success of YouTube animators is the fact that one day they decided to just give it a shot. They picked up their tools and just drew whatever they wanted to and shared it on the internet. If you do not start you will never know how far you can go with it. Most of the YouTubers, if you look back their previous works, started from the bottom. And many of them learnt different skills and techniques on the way, slowly and steadily. You can be one of them if you simply let go of your fears and concerns and share your passion with everyone.


Know Your Audience

Know your audience
Source: Google

Even though there are many animators on YouTube, not everyone’s audience belongs to the same demographic. Meaning, the kind of product you present will determine what your audience is going to be and vice-versa. So, if you decide that your content is going to be only for entertainment purposes, then you should focus on that. Further, if you should also decide if your content is meant for adults or children. Even though it is rather difficult to control exactly who watches your content, you can at least put a warning sign before you upload something meant for a more mature audience.


Connect with Your Audience

YouTube audience
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One of the best ways to make your audience and subscribers grow is by connecting with them. This way you can understand what your audience likes and what they dislike. Also, it might help you get some idea about what to create next. Many times, a subscriber might leave comments under the video saying, “… you should make a video about this event”, and such. It is up to you how much you let the audience determine the contents but generally it is a preferred way to make sure your audience knows that you value their opinions.


Join the Gang


YouTube is a magical place and it lets you connect with people from far and wide. With that being said, use that to your advantage and collaborate with some YouTubers. You can start working with someone from your own country or city, and then as more and more people watch your videos and appreciate it, it will be easier for you to maybe even get some brand sponsorships. But another benefit of collaborating is that when you feel like you are running out of ideas, teaming up with another animator might help you, and the audience will also enjoy the product.


Basically, the road is full of ups and downs and requires you to put in your 100% but there are some benefits too. You will be working for yourself, so no one can tell you what to do and what not to do. Also, everyone’s journey is different and that is what makes your work even more special. Do not compare your journey or skills with someone else’s. Stay original and stay focused. With that being said, if you think you still need some time to work on your skills before hitting the YouTube market, check out George Animatrix, an animation institute in Kolkata. Known for a team of experts and professionals who teach you all the required skills, they are definitely the best animation institute in Kolkata.  They have short term and long-term courses which will help you with your animation journey.

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