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Reason behind Using Green Colour for VFX Shooting

One of the inevitable features of modern-day films and videos is presence of stunning visuals along with supernatural features. For instance, all he superhero movies incorporate Visual Effects (VFX) in order to make their protagonists whatever they want to portray them as. Blockbuster films like Avatar in the West or even Baahubali closer home all have employed this advanced feature of VFX and animation in order to render an extraordinary cinematic experience. All the films which employ these technological features often use a green screen in place of the scenery which is to be added digitally later on. This blog will enumerate the details behind using green colour for VFX shooting. If you are interested to be someone creating such stunning imagery behind the screens, then you need to opt for a VFX animation course in Kolkata.


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Why use the colour ‘Green’ in Screens?

While shooting videos which need visual editing later on in the stages of post-production which is the second stage of shooting, the imagery is enhanced by VFX or animation. If you want to portray a superhero evading attacks amidst ruins of a city half-destroyed or even a natural calamity of massive force, it is not possible to create it naturally and then film it. At this point, we take the help of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) which is integrated with real-life footage. That which is not possible to achieve in the phase of live-action camera shooting can be done digitally.


The colour which is most commonly used as backdrops to scenes is green. The green colour has been specifically chosen keeping in mind the fact that it is distinct from all other colours of the RBG spectrum. When we choose to check out the ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos of a popular action or science fiction film, we find out a lots of green screens, curtains or draping to be present on the set. Green is the most luminous colour which stands out on its own and do not get mixed up with any other colour.


As the skin tone of any animal or colour of any object for that matter is not green, therefore green is the most preferred colour. This is the most radiant colour which is in contrast to other colours and therefore, it is easy to distinguish when some other coloured feature or object is placed in front of it. At times, when the colour green is present within the scene to be shot then blue screen is used. It would not be possible for the Chroma key to distinguish between green screen and the objects if the objects are also in green.

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Chroma Key

Chroma Key is a VFX technique by which images or videos are superimposed on other existing images or videos based on the shades of colour. This process is also known as colour keying which makes a range of colours in the foreground transparent. This, in turn, allows inserting a separately filmed video or imaging. As the popularity of animation and graphics design has been on the rise and its application has widened, the use of this technique has multiplied. A very common example would be when anchors or news hosts announce weather reports or news. In reality, the anchors or newsreaders stand in front of a featureless plain green cloth hung on the background which is later on changed to an atlas or some other relevant feature.


As the demand for animation and VFX is growing, it has become imperative to have some skills in that industry. As this industry is progressing rapidly, more career opportunities and job placements are being created. The world has come to be heavily dependent on visual media and therefore it is of prime importance that the young aspirants choose to work in this industry. George Animatrix is a popular VFX institute in Kolkata where you can do course in the field of visual graphics. This reputed animation institute offers an array of course on 2D and 3D animation, VFX technology, and Animation technology. If you want to pursue a job-oriented course which is also fun and entertaining, then the courses offered by this institute are suitable for you.

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