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As a beginner, how should I start to learn animation and VFX?

There is really no starting or ending point when it comes to animation. It is really an excellent field which can be learnt at all times. If you are a beginner in animation and VFX, then the first step should be for you to join a top VFX institute in Kolkata.


You need to emphasize upon the fact that learning animation and VFX can happen at any given point. A 3D animation course in Kolkata would ensure that you get to learn all kinds of modules associated with animation and its various disciplines.

As a beginner, you really need to focus on getting the basics straight. This basic knowledge of software and skills would shape how you really work your way up to the expertise.

Learning animation and VFX is not the toughest task at all you need to make sure that you are putting enough focus on learning the skills with enough concentration. Lack of concentration would really kill the creative junkie inside you.

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Beginners do not have to know anything in advance. There is also the common misconception that in order to be good animation and VFX artists, you need to know drawing or other forms of art. That is not true at all. There have been people who did not know anything about operating computers and they emerged as talented animation and VFX artists by the end of their career.

In order to start learning, first of all the main emphasis needs to go towards understanding the craft altogether. Secondly, you are required to put enough consideration for the making of your own creative style.

Styling and understanding are core concepts of animation and VFX. Both of them need to be practiced over time. Skills are nothing but hollow interpretations if not mastered properly.

Hence, work hard and focus on being talented in your own realm.

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