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An Overview of Graphic Design Course in Kolkata

Graphic design is one of the most popular courses in the digitalized world. You have come to the right place if you are a newbie in this field. This blog aims to deliver an overview of graphic design courses and why you should consider it.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a complex digital art form where an artist creates visual and textual presentations to illustrate content in front of the audience. Graphic designers learn to use the latest technology models to give their illustrations the latest and most polished look so the audience can relate them to real-life scenarios. They use typography and pictures to meet their clients’ criteria by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques.

Types of Different Graphic Design Courses

If you are from Kolkata, you can notice that there are as many as eight different types of graphic designing courses in Kolkata. The different types of graphic design courses available are as follows:

  • Visual Identity Graphic Design
  • User Interface Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Publication Graphic Design
  • Packaging Graphic Design
  • Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Art and Illustration

Why Should You Consider Graphic Design Skills?

In this employee-clogged market of job seekers, it isn’t easy to land a good job with a good package. Recruiters are actively looking for candidates who have special skills. Though the market size is seizing, the demand for highly skilled graphic designers is increasing daily. Reports say that the employment of graphic designers has increased by nearly 3% from 2021 in the USA. Though AI has made a strong entry into digital media, several industries still believe that AI has to go a long way to match the emotion and touch of human skills. Therefore, you must consider graphic designing skills if you do not want to fall behind the rat race of competent candidates.

Why Should You Learn Graphic Design?

Digital industries like movies and television, entertainment, advertisement, gaming and many more are looking for highly qualified graphic designers. The world is getting digitalized, and the demand for paper-based skills is falling. Moreover, the skills in graphic design will give added weight to your CV if you are looking for a job in the creative line. Graphic designers are one of the highest-paid employees in digital media.

Who is a Good Candidate for Learning Graphic Design?

Anyone who has passed their 10+2 standard from a recognized board can be a good candidate for a graphic design course. If you have an eye for design and basic knowledge of computers, you can apply for the course.

You can complete a diploma program, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Graphic Design. However, to pursue a master’s degree, you must have a bachelor’s degree in design. You must have a minimum 12th board passing certificate to apply for courses for graphic designing in Kolkata. Some institutions conduct entrance examinations for every course. You have to pass the test to get admission to those colleges. 


If you want to learn from scratch, i.e., from the beginner’s level, you must invest at least four years to receive a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. You can further learn more about the discipline in next coming years.

How to Choose the Right Institute?

Choosing the right institution for your graphic design learning is a daunting task. You must make a basic outline before enrolling in any graphic design institute. Check out the following points and add them to your criteria before you start applying to different colleges and universities:

  • Courses They are offering

Run thorough research about the courses offered by different institutes. Choose the one that covers a significant portion of your preferences. Graphic designing courses in Kolkata are similar in every college, but you must double-check.

  • Content of the Courses

Before you apply to colleges, get a complete list of courses and the content of those courses. That is, which course covers most of the training syllabus should be at the top of your priority list.

  • Your Level

If you know nothing about the course, start from the beginner’s level, i.e., the bachelor’s level. However, even if you have some experience in graphic design but do not have a proper certificate, it is better to start from the beginning and get all the certificated qualifications under your name.

  • Faculty Strength

You must look for institutes that have good faculty strength. A good faculty must have worked on numerous projects and years of experience to guide newbies properly.

  • Infrastructure

Only an institution backed with proper infrastructure can train students to become experts in the relevant fields. Choose the college that has the latest learning techniques.

  • Network with Relevant Industry

Your institute must have a good network with relevant industries to offer you opportunities for field projects and better work exposure.

  • Student Feedback

Student feedback is one of the pillars of the reputation of a training institute. An honest student review from a student who benefitted from the course is an institute’s overall performance report card.

  • Fee Structure

You must look at and consider the fee structures of every college. Compare different institutes and their fee structure.


Graphic designing in Kolkata offers a bright prospectus to every skilled artist in this field.


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